Recipient Inclusion Criteria

18 years of age or older

Male or female

Patient actively awaiting a single or double lung transplant

Patient or patient’s representative provides informed consent for participation in the study prior to participating in any study-related assessments or procedures

Patient matches with and undergoes a transplant with a donor lung

Recipient Exclusion criteria

Patients listed for same side lung re-transplantation

Patients listed for multiple-organ transplantation including lung and any other organ

Patients listed for live donor lobar transplant

Patients positive for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or Burkholderia cenocepacia infection

Patients who receive a standard of care (non EVLP) lung transplant but do not match to an EVLP subject based on the criteria for control matching

Patients transplanted with a lung that was perfused using another EVLP technlogy

Patients participating in another interventional trial that may affect post-transplant outcomes such that results for this study would be confounded, altered or obscured

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